reading room with floating stairs up to master suite, farmhouse remodel with barn addition
Photo: John Gruen
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Floating Stairs to The Master Suite

Though the house needed all-new everything, including a roof, work wrapped up in just six months. And another three years passed quietly before the guest-friendly homeowners decided to make further improvements, this time by adding on.

Perhaps thinking of the barn the property once held, they went online to see if they could buy one secondhand, maybe even an antique, and attach it to the house. In short order, a truck drove up and out tumbled the remains of a small barn—minus roof, walls, and rafters—all the way from Minnesota.

Shown: Floating stairs, a legacy of a previous renovation, climb from the reading room to the master suite. The desk area in the far corner sits under original joists and a fresh coat of tinted plaster.
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