antique chest retrofitted as kitchen island, farmhouse remodel with barn addition
Photo: John Gruen
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Prize Kitchen Island

To Scapin and his small crew fell the job of demolition and major reconstruction. They tore out the back staircase, piped radiant heat under the floors, and rebuilt the exterior walls, adding fiberglass batt insulation. The three-bedroom, one-bath second floor became a TV room flanked by a large master bath and a guest suite. When the rear addition came back up for air, it held the master bedroom over a well-appointed kitchen with banks of windows that look north, south, and west—capturing sunsets just as Bobby had envisioned.

The work went pretty smoothly, save one "moment of reckoning," as Bobby puts it. The kitchen windows were almost in when it came time to install the island, a wooden chest that had traveled from Mexico before coming to rest at a vintage store in nearby Hudson, New York. With Hinz lined up to retrofit the chest with a sink and copper top, delivery was arranged. "But there was no opening big enough to get it in," Bobby recalls.

Shown: A weathered chest, retrofitted with a sleek copper top and a sink, became the kitchen's centerpiece. The pot rack was a junk-store find.
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