entryway with salvaged French doors of farmhouse remodel with barn addition
Photo: John Gruen
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Repositioned Front Entry

With its slots for second-floor windows—or eyebrows, as they are known locally—and its congested 1960s rear addition, the house felt incoherent and light-deprived. "The addition was really a jumble," says Bobby, "a dark kitchen with just one window, a laundry room with closets, a back staircase, and an all-pink bath."

This, in a house that is rumored to date to the 1760s, around the time rebels were preparing to smuggle arms to George Washington along a path nearby, and straddles the town line of historic Egremont, a hotbed of the late-1780s anti-Federalist fervor known as Shays' Rebellion.

Shown: The homeowners moved the main entry to the gable end, where they believe it originated. Salvaged French doors form a weather buffer while channeling light into the reading room.

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