woman looking at plumbing pipes under sink, holiday disaster
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Leaky Mess

"I first bought my house and moved in around Christmas. I was living without the water turned on because the kitchen faucet leaked. I went to the home center and talked to the plumbing pro. He recommended a pipe cutter and fittings. I went home, confident I could fix this minor-seeming project."

I fixed the hot water first with success. The cold water—not so much. The problem extended from a bigger pipe to a smaller pipe and the fittings were not the right size. I brought pictures of the problem to my next home center visit. This time the associate said to use a compression fitting. I installed it and turned the main shutoff valve in the basement back on, and then slowly turned the cold water on in the faucet. Suddenly I had a mini Old Faithful under my sink. I called a plumber—and haven't touched any more plumbing in the house since then."

—Lauren B.
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