living room with original fir planeling collonnades, classic craftsman green remodel
Photo: Ken Gutmaker
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"The first time I looked at it I thought, There's no way I can live in this," recalls Jim, a retired physician. But his late wife, Joanne, and her son, Roger Knapp—both real-estate agents—saw potential in the beleaguered bungalow. "They weren't quite as scared as I was," Jim says. "They could see what possibilities were there and what it would take to make it into a really nice home."

Joanne had always harbored a love for older houses, and seized the opportunity to return this one to its former glory—in a sustainable manner. "She was interested in living a low-impact lifestyle," says Roger. "Usually that doesn't go with these older homes, but it's not mutually exclusive if you take a thoughtful approach."

Shown: The living room's original fir paneling and colonnades were restored and refinished.
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