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Photo: Courtesy of Berkeley Plantation
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Berkeley Plantation

Charles City, Virginia

Overlooking the banks of the James River, this 1726 Georgian mansion and its surrounding grounds was the setting of a number of historical happenings. It was the birthplace of Benjamin Harrison V, Declaration of Independence signer and governor of Virginia, and of ninth U.S. president William Henry Harrison, as well as the ancestral home of William's grandson and 23rd president, Benjamin. It's also the place where Civil War General Daniel Butterfield composed the military dirge "Taps." Ghosts who are said to haunt the house include William Harrison IV (Benjamin V's father) and two daughters, who were killed in 1744 by a freak lightning strike while they tried to close a window. The infant Benjamin, who was in one of his sister's arms at the time, survived, but his sister's ghost can nonetheless be seen carrying a baby when she appears. Hear about all the history in person from a tourguide in period garb.
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