St. Augustine Lighthouse and Keepers' House, florida, historic haunted houses
Photo: Courtesy of St. Augustine Lighthouse and Keepers' House
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St. Augustine Lighthouse and Keepers' House

St. Augustine, Florida

This foreboding tower was built in 1874 to replace its predecessor—the last in a line of structures dating back to a late-1500s Spanish watchtower, which was commissioned as a lighthouse in 1824 but eventually washed away in an 1880 storm. The nearby keepers' house, built in 1876, housed the tower operators until the light was automated in 1955. When featured on the TV show Ghost Hunters, investigators heard a woman's voice utter "help me" and filmed a clip of a shadowy figure peeking over a landing railing. Witnesses have reported seeing a woman in white and a little girl during stormy weather. The girl may be one of the three children killed on the 1874 construction site while playing on a rail handcart that rolled out of control and into the sea. Curious ventures can enter the tower for historic or ghost tours.
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