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Photo: Nathan Kirkman
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Built-In Storage Bed: After

Rachelle and Shane Moes, Souderton, Pennsylvania

Once their twin sons outgrew their cribs, Rachelle and Shane Moes learned that big-boy beds presented a big-boy problem: namely, not enough space. While one of the twins' rooms in their 1927 Craftsman home was large enough to fit new full-size furniture, the other lacked legroom. So Rachelle and Shane decided to take advantage of the hidden square footage next to and behind the closet, tapping into an unused attic stairwell, to make room for a built-in twin bed with shelves at one end and below. With the help of visiting family, Shane cut out the closet's old plaster-and-lath walls and built the frame of the bed with old 2x4s found in the basement. They used plywood to create the mattress platform and frame the shelves below and at the end of the bed, then wired for new lights before lining the nook with beadboard. To frame the space, they cased the opening and added quarter round. After painting the assembly white, Shane built the guardrail and the ladder using stock and on-hand materials. "We wanted a space that would grow with our son," Rachelle says, "but for now, his favorite part is going up and down the ladder."

Shown: The new alcove sleeping area keeps the floor free for playtime.
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