before window seat in dining room, reader remodel
Photo: Nathan Kirkman
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Welcoming Window Seat: Before

Shown: The space was overly formal and light-deprived.

The Project Tally
• Used a free set of drawers and two IKEA bookcases with doors as the skeleton of the built-in $240
• Joined the seat to the shelf units using leftover 2x4s and MDF $0
• Mounted a shelf and an arch built from salvaged wood $0
• Trimmed the shelf and cabinet tops with molding $18
• Covered the sides of the cabinets with her dad's leftover beadboard $0
• Added two yard-sale sconces $10
• Painted everything a warm white $35
• Made a cushion with on-sale foam and two canvas drop cloths $43
Total: $346
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