mudroom with barn-style door and painted checked floor, whole house remodel farmhouse addition
Photo: Tria Giovan
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Savvy Mudroom

A number of interior reconfigurations were also on the roster, and they came first, led by general contractor and cabinetmaker Robert Singer. The house's left side sat undisturbed while the right side was torn apart. "I came home one day and the floor was gone," Mark remembers. Galvanized-aluminum pipes were replaced with PEX and copper, and new wiring went in.

Piece-by-piece removal of the titanic furnace—"Old Ironsides," as Singer called it—made way for a three-zone forced-air heating and cooling system, and rotted joists necessitated some reframing. The bath was pushed to the rear in order to reclaim the original dining room space at the front of the house; the new butler's pantry would connect the dining room and kitchen.

Shown: The mudroom has a barn-style door and a pine floor painted to mimic old linoleum.

Paint: 950 Natural Wicker (mudroom walls), 208 Da Vinci's Canvas (mudroom cabinets and trim), 2005-10 Red Rock (mudroom floor), Benjamin Moore; and Coach Black (mudroom floor), Sherwin-Williams
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