kitchen cabinets with swing out shelves and microwave storage, whole house remodel farmhouse addition
Photo: Tria Giovan
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Modern Amenities Hidden Behind Period Details

Mark, an avid researcher, was learning more and more about the house—which the original deed suggested was older than the 1850s vintage that had at some point been assigned—and realizing that the property had undergone many revisions. A barn out back had bitten the dust in the 1920s after being hit by a tornado. (Its replacement went up in a spot more accessible to the home and the road.) A porch spanning the house's front, visible in a 1904 photo he'd unearthed, had been an add-on that vanished some 70 years ago. It dawned on him, Mark says, that as a house ages, even big changes can eventually come to feel like they have always been there.

Shown: Coordinated cupboards and panels mask swing-out spice shelves and a microwave.
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