entry hallway from before civil war in whole house remodel farmhouse addition
Photo: Tria Giovan
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19th-Century Style

This four-bedroom, one-and-a-half-bath farmhouse, on five acres in Warwick, New York, belongs to Mark Silvestri, a commercial real-estate developer with a sincere respect for the time-honored. Some years ago, when he first saw the place, he was recently married, ready to start a family, and drawn to the rural setting and the creaky feel of the rooms. The home had plaster walls, wide-plank floors, and double-hung windows with wavy single-pane glass. "It was the only Warwick house I looked at," he says. "What I liked was that it hadn't been modernized. Nothing had been done."

Shown: The core of the house and its center hall predate the Civil War.

Paint: Pale Cowslip 4 (entry walls), Valspar
Vintage flag: Jeff R. Bridgman
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