decorated pumpkins used as themed house numbers for easy curb appeal upgrade
Photo: Rob D. Brodman
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October: Jack-o'-Lantern House Numbers

Sure, you want to welcome trick-or-treaters this Halloween, but why set out the same old sawtooth pumpkins they'll see on every porch? Make yours stand out from the crowd by inscribing them with your house numbers. Use a template to draw an outline on each pumpkin, then grab a woodworking chisel or a carving tool (like Dremel's battery-operated one, about $21; Dremel) to form the numbers without slicing all the way through the flesh. Remove the tops from all but the uppermost pumpkin so that you can stack them. For safety's sake, illuminate them with battery-operated lights instead of candles. The warm, homey glow will surely lure lots of little monsters to your doorstep.
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