woman rolling paint on walkway to create effect of bricks for easy upgrade
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May: Roll On Faux Paint Bricks

Replacing an old concrete path with natural stone or cast pavers is always a good way to go, but it can also require loads of cash. So instead of repaving, give your walkway a face-lift—with paint. Sweep the surface, then prime it with a concrete resurfacer, like Rust-Oleum’s Epoxy Shield (rustoleum.com). Let dry; then, starting in one corner, use a 4-inch roller to create a "brick" with a terra-cotta-hued concrete paint.

Paint another one below it, and so on, to make a border; repeat along the other side. Fill the space in between with a running bond pattern of 8-inch bricks. Don’t worry about keeping them exactly the same size or the lines pin-straight; imperfections make the design realistic. Let dry, then watch visitors do a double take as they walk toward your door.
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