Ohio City, Cleveland, Ohio for the This Old House 2013 Best Old House Neighborhoods
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Ohio City, Cleveland, Ohio

Population: 9,210 in Ohio City; 393,806 in the city of Cleveland
Popular house styles: Victorian-era styles, from simple vernacular workers' cottages to Queen Anne, Colonial Revival, Stick-style, and Italianate homes
Prices: You'll pay $30,000 or more for a house needing work; refurbished homes start at around $130,000.

This former shipbuilding center just west of downtown Cleveland had a growth spurt in the latter half of the 1800s, when workers and managers for the area's docks, distilleries, and mills settled there.

Among the best for: Editors' Picks, The Midwest, Fixer-Uppers, Victorians, City Living, Walkability, Lots to Do
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