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Winning Combinations: Sun-Loving English Cottage Mix

Water daily and deadhead regularly to encourage bloom. In hot climates, keep out of afternoon sun.

1 Blue marguerite
(Felicia amelloides)

1 Coreopsis
(C. grandiflora 'Early Sunrise')

1 Chocolate cosmos
(Cosmos atrosanguineus)

2 Diascia
(Diascia hybrid 'Coral Belle')

1 Ivy geranium
(Pelargonium peltatum 'Candy Stripe')

2 Million bells
(Calibrachoa 'Terra Cotta')

1 Petunia
(P. hybrida 'Double Pink Veined')

1 Scaevola
(S. aemula 'Blue Wonder')

3 Silver-edged thyme
(Thymus citriodorus 'Argeneus')

3 Snapdragons
(Antirrhinum majus 'Sweet Lemon Blush')

1 Strawflower
(Helichrysum bracteatum 'Dargan Hill Monarch')
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