old stone trough used as container plant for violas and loosestrife
Photo: Juliette Wade/Garden Picture Library
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Impressive Faux Material Containers

Faux stone and faux terra-cotta containers made from plastics and other man-made materials are a truly lightweight alternative, weighing only a few pounds. They're also impervious to frost and are not porous. Roger concedes that these containers have gotten better-looking, but he points out that they're not as tough as their natural counterparts. "Watch where you're pointing your pruning shears or you might puncture them," he says.

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Whatever the pot's material, opt for one large container (14 inches or more in diameter) rather than several small ones if you can. Bigger pots stay moist longer and allow plants room to grow.

Shown: An old stone trough makes a distinctive container for a cottage-style combo of violas and loosestrife.
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