owner with dog and doghouse in imitation of owner's house
Photo: Preston Mack
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A Doghouse Like Her House

History is filled with misunderstood visionaries, from Noah and his ark to Wilbur and Orville and their airplane to, most recently, Cheryl Morgan and the doghouse she built out of birch plywood, all-purpose putty, and shutter hardware.

Sure, Morgan's family questioned her sanity as she obsessively sawed, glued, nailed, and painted the perfect-canine-sized replica of her brick, stucco, and shingle-sided house. Especially since Morgan, who had hardly any carpentry experience, did it with little more than a hammer, a bent jigsaw blade, and a level. "Most of the time, I used my fingernail to mark on the wood where to cut," she says.

Morgan framed the walls and roof with birch, used lattice strips and mortar--patching mix for the brick, all-purpose -putty for the stucco, and safety skid tape for the shingles. The porch railings are made from poplar, and the windows are fitted with clear acrylic squares for a dog's-eye view. Summoning up the best of her creative skills, she used wall hooks and beads to re-create porch lights and smacked on some automotive pinstriping for the window panes.
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