dog with tudor style doghouse
Photo: Alison Rosa
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Tudor: To the Manor Bred

Decorative half-timbering and textured stucco siding hint at this canine crib's early English ancestry.

House: Tudor, 1890-1940
Dog: Alfie

You don't have to be an English bulldog to feel right at home in an English-style Tudor. You don't have to be a bulldog at all, for that matter. Alfie, an 8-year-old boxer, liked this little cottage just fine. With its steeply pitched faux-slate roof and pale stucco exterior, the 4-foot-tall doghouse is Tudor to a tee. It's even got classic diamond-pane leaded-glass windows—except these are made of plastic gutter guard, cut to length and hand-painted an earthy red. The Tudors of 16th-century England were framed with thick timbers, held together by mortise-and-tenon joinery; while our miniature reproduction started out as a simple wooden box, it still features decorative half-timbering on the facade—as do most American Tudor revivals, including the one where Alfie's humans live. For faux stucco that could fool even a dog's discerning eye, builder Dale Jolliffe used quick-dry auto-body putty, which he smeared on, then incised with a putty knife to mimic trowel marks.
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