dog with georgian style doghouse to match owner's house
Photo: Alison Rosa
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Georgian: Unleashing a Classic

A fetching replica of a Colonial-era brick Georgian is a study in symmetry, right down to the twin chimneys.

House: Georgian, 1700-1780
Dog: Tanner

This scaled-down brick Georgian is a masterpiece of fool-the-eye invention, starting with the bricks. The faux masonry is actually individual pieces of ¼-inch Lauan plywood, covered with a textured terra-cotta paint. To replicate the random pattern of bricks on the main house, the miniature ones were painted three different shades, then mixed up in a bucket before being glued on. The "mortar" is exterior caulk, the kind typically used for repairing cracks in sidewalks, which has a gritty appearance. Then there are the architectural details: creamy white columns (18-inch sections of closet rod), paired chimneys, dentil molding along the eaves, and a hipped-roof portico. What's no illusion is the spot-on reproduction of the classic Georgian symmetry and proportions: the doghouse's gable-end windows, for example, are exactly half the scale of those on the front of the doghouse, just like on the real thing.
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