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Photo: Mark Lohman
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A Pro's Home Garden

Some gardeners do everything by the books. Others wing it and watch. Rob Proctor is in the latter group, which may explain why his gardening segment on Denver's NBC local morning news has been running for 10 years now. Twice a week, the former horticulture director of the Denver Botanic Gardens delivers tips that viewers trust because the proof is right there to see: Proctor's half-acre garden, a true paradise.

Besides using his garden and its needs as a backdrop, Proctor frequently devotes time to answering viewers' questions. He favors questions for which he can offer useful, time-tested advice. It sometimes runs counter to conventional wisdom. But his philosophy is that truth is in results, not instructions on a package. 

Find for his real-world, learned-by-doing insights for 18 commonly asked questions.
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