Amish berry sorting table, vintage seed boxes for seed storage and other gardening tools inside cottage style garden shed used as bonus room
Photo: Mark Lohman
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Vintage Seed Storage

To create a vintage look—and save money— Sharon and Jeff shopped for true divided-light windows at their local ReStore, hinging the sashes of old double-hungs to tilt in on the long walls. Their big score was the fixed windows at the gable ends; the two new double-pane windows, worth $600 or more each, were priced at just $50—likely custom units that were donated because they were the wrong size. The roof is simple corrugated metal. Knotty pine covers the interior: 1x12 boards butted together on the floor and 1x6 V-groove boards on the walls. In total, with $4,800 for labor and $3,800 for materials, the project cost $8,600—not as cheap as a big-box shed kit, but, then, it's a tailored-to-fit job with an ultra-charming look.

Shown: On an old Amish berry-sorting table, vintage seed boxes, still with their original artwork, make fine storage containers for new seeds as well as twine. A bin to the left of the table stores small garden tools perfect for the grandkids. Under the table are vintage watering cans, affordable collectibles still readily found at flea markets and yard sales.
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