shelves for potting tools and chicken feeders for garden tools inside cottage style garden shed used as bonus room, precast concrete blocks floor
Photo: Mark Lohman
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Storage Worth Showing Off

For the foundation, the builders used precast concrete pier blocks. Even in regions where the soil freezes, garden sheds usually do fine with this type of foundation; the building may get slightly askew as the soil thaws, but its small size keeps such changes small, too, and sheds typically settle back into shape. The crew built the floor with pressure-treated framing resting on the piers. Off that, they assembled the walls, using exterior-grade plywood with spaced 1x2 boards on top to mimic board-and-batten siding. Plywood sheets are easy to install and more weathertight than traditional board-and-batten, which uses wide boards with narrow ones nailed on over the joints.

Shown: The top shelf along the shed's back wall stores tiny pots, plant labels, and other small items. Below it, two trough-type chicken feeders serve as bins for old and new garden tools.
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