inside cottage style garden shed used as bonus room with old card rack to show off seed packets
Photo: Mark Lohman
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Seed Packets as Art

When sheds have short walls, the door typically goes on one gable end to keep it from bumping into the roof overhang. But for this shed, the door needed to be on the side facing the front door of the house. Jeff solved the problem by adding an extra gable over the door. To keep the walls from seeming low and to boost the usable space within the tiny structure, he left the ceiling vaulted to the roof. He also bumped out the windows on both ends, creating foot-deep windowsills to serve as storage ledges. Happy at last with the shed's design, the couple hired pros to build it.

Shown: Sharon uses an old card rack to display vintage seed-packet graphics that she enjoys as "miniature works of art."
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