finished attic retreat area of 1910 shore house with sliding barn doors, built-in storage, bed
Photo: Michael J. Lee
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Slide for Privacy

Throughout the space, the beadboard was pulled up so that spray insulation could be added; the boards were then reinstalled, and the ceilings and walls were painted white. Barn-style sliding doors, painted a lively lime green, were added to the newly windowed bedroom alcove; transom windows above the doors help natural light flow to other rooms. A new bath sits across the hall. The hanging-out area, which got a larger window and a room-width window seat, is nestled inside the home's front gable end. Altogether it's a space the kids and their friends gravitate to, playing knee hockey in the long, open center space and rolling out sleeping bags at night.

Shown: Sliding barn doors with stainless-steel hardware add definition and a touch of whimsy to the bedroom. More transom windows above the doors allow light to flow from one end of the third-floor space to the other.
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