living area of 1910 shore house with dropped ceiling to hide electrical work, built-in benches, brick fireplace
Photo: Michael J. Lee
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Tucked Away

The work would begin with opening up and renovating the kitchen. From there the team would move to the third floor, transforming the attic into a bunk room with a new bathroom for the boys. The bath redos—three on the second floor and a powder room on the first—would follow. A whole-house systems upgrade was in the plan, too, swapping outdated mechanicals for new, energy-efficient heating and cooling units.

Shown: An original living room inglenook, defined by built-in benches, surrounds the home's brick fireplace; the area was opened to the dining room by taking the interior wall above one of the benches down to its framing. A dropped ceiling overhead contains ductwork and wiring for an upstairs bathroom.
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