Makita 2705 TOH Tested Portable Table Saw
Photo: Wendell T. Webber
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Makita 2705

About $530. Rolling stand: add $300;
Strong and accurate, this saw chewed through wood and the fence has zero slop. The stand required almost no assembly, and no instructions were needed to operate it. Too bad it's about a $300 add-on. The riving knife can be adjusted with a rear-mounted lever—a handy feature when cutting rabbets and dadoes—but blade changes are slow because the throat plate is screwed down instead of spring-clipped as on the other saws. Also, locking in the blade angle is tricky.

Fine print: 135 pounds; 15-amp, 4,800-rpm motor. Max rip: 25 inches. Max blade height: 3 9/16 inches
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