7. Lean on a Pro When You're In Over Your Head

Time: 21 days
Who: Rachel Burns
Where: Arlington, Virginia

A plumbing disaster ruined her kitchen a few days before Thanksgiving, but she got her cook space up and running in time to host a Christmas meal for visiting family.

"When our kitchen flooded, my husband and I were working full-time and our daughter was only 2 years old. We'd always tackled remodels on our own, but we couldn't get by on takeout for months on end! So I hired a pro for the demolition and installation while I designed the layout and bought most of the fixtures and finishes. It was the best decision for us."

Shown: Rachel went with a monochromatic palette to simplify the quick-turnaround project. She bought cabinets and most of the fixtures and finishes, but had a contractor install them.
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