Ironing-Board Beater

Donna Brown
Carrollton, Ohio

I wanted a drawer-mounted ironing board but found the prices to be ridiculous. I took an $8 tabletop model from the dollar store, cut it in half, and added a piano hinge so that it would fold back onto itself and slip into the drawer. I removed the front legs of the board and reused the brackets from them to attach the back legs to the bottom of the drawer. The front of the board rests on the lip of the drawer, which, by the way, is part of an old science-lab cabinet I repurposed for our laundry room—a project that earned me a Cheapskate honor two years ago. I'm no rookie! In fact, my husband always says I'm so cheap that I will build his coffin when he dies.

What Donna Saved: $166.79
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