Like Roses in Picture Books

For someone whose first paying job was mucking stalls, pushing a wheelbarrow and dragging a garden hose feel comfortingly familiar. "There are a lot of aspects of gardening that mirror caring for horses," says Corky, who thinks nothing of spending 2 to 4 hours each day tending her plants. Although there is a hammock under her rose-covered pergola and a table and chairs on the patio, she spends little time in either spot. "I might last three minutes drinking in the scenery, before I go, 'Oh no, there's a weed!' and start in on the beds," she says. But this tireless achiever believes the results speak for themselves. "I wanted to grow roses like the ones I saw in picture books," she explains. "And I have."

Shown: Good air circulation helps keep climbers disease-free, making this lattice fencing a smarter choice than standard board-and-batten designs.
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