Cottage Style Anchored with Roses

In her mind, roses would make a lovely, low-maintenance substitute. While living in Florida, she'd planted a hedge of famously carefree Knock Out shrub roses along her foundation. There, daily downpours in summer washed away any potential pests. Roses were easy, as far as Corky was concerned. So she set out to create an English cottage-style garden to complement the house, with roses as the anchor plant. After sketching out a detailed plan, she hired a carpenter to turn her sketches of a scalloped, lattice-top fence and gate, an entry arbor, and a pergola with lattice arches into reality. She also found a landscaper to transform her lawn into paths and plant-ready beds.

Shown: An 'Autumn Sunset' shrub rose scrambles up the entry arbor near the house, while leafy, self-sowing hollyhocks grow at its base.
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