The "Oorah!" Award

Who: Charles Wright
Where: Odenville, Alabama

With 22 years of service under his belt, Charles still approaches life's battles like a Marine. "Problem: Water coming off hillside going under the house," he told us. "Solution: Remove hillside!" In its place, he built a massive L-shaped retaining wall. Over 36 days, he single-handedly excavated the site with a rented backhoe, hefted 1,492 GeoStone blocks—53 tons' worth—into place, and backfilled the structure with 362 tons of gravel. Today, the wall stretches 90 feet in one direction and 60 feet in another. At its tallest point, it stands 14 feet high. GeoStone was so impressed, the company posted photos on its website. Says the Vietnam vet: "They called it the Great Wall of Charles."
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