The "Go Big or Go Home" Award

Who: Curtis Conkey
Where: Black Forest, Colorado

Not many people look at a closet barely deep enough for a blazer and think, I should turn this into a walk-in lounge complete with washer and dryer. But Curtis didn't hesitate to reconfigure the upstairs bedrooms for some extra storage. The hardest part was what had to happen to tie the waste line into the sewer line. "I had to jackhammer a whole section of the basement floor," Curtis says. Then he and a buddy used concrete-cutting blades on their Skilsaws to carve a trench. "At some point you think it's a little crazy, but I figured, well, I've got this hole in my house, so I might as well keep going." And so he did, at the cost of thousands of dollars. But being able to put clothes straight from the dryer onto their hangers? Now that's priceless.
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