The "Power of Nature" Award

Who: Diana Lovejoy
Where: Carlsbad, California

As an amateur triathlete, Diana has always been fit, but for 15 years her body confounded her. She suffered through eight miscarriages and could find no relief from chronic pain and a life-sapping fatigue. Antibiotics, holistic medicine, meditation, hyperbaric-oxygen therapy—nothing worked. So she came up with her own treatment: revamping her front yard. "I just needed something to make myself feel sane," she says. She removed sod, graded dirt, placed stones, and filled empty spaces with a Dr. Seussian selection of succulents. Not the easiest work for someone in constant pain. "It hurt to even bend over and pick up a rock," she says. As the project neared completion, Diana was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and given a treatment that has filled her with new hope. Last September, she gave birth to a baby boy, Kale. "I put as much love and energy as I could into these plants," she says, "and they gave back."
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