reader remodel contest winner 2013 whole house after kitchen looking into living room with burlap curtains and faux coffered ceiling
Photo: Lisa Romerein
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Exposing a Cozy Kitchen

The old kitchen floor was kind of a nightmare: chipped vinyl tile on top of plywood on top of more tile held in place by what looked like black goo. Using an iron and pieces of aluminum foil, I was able to soften the adhesive and pry up the tiles one by one. My mistake was then attacking the floor with a sander, which gummed up so quickly, I made a panicked call to a flooring company, and the guy there immediately says, "Whatever you do, do not sand!"—not without a hazmat suit, anyway, as I was probably breathing asbestos. Yikes. We quickly covered up the adhesive with plastic and nailed new pine flooring right over it.

Shown: The view from the kitchen takes in burlap curtains made by Stephanie and faux coffering added by Dustin, who invited the kids to hammer the wood for a distressed look.
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