reader remodel contest winner 2013 whole house after master bath with DIY vanity and built-ins, beadboard, sconces
Photo: Lisa Romerein
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Turning a Schoolhouse into a Home

The first step was making the place habitable, which got off to a weird start. The guy we hired to clean out the septic tank said he couldn't do it—too many tree roots. So there we all are, standing around waiting to hear what he wants to do about it, and he tells the story of another guy who had the same problem and how that guy got down into the tank with a chain saw and cut out the roots. Then there was a long silence as he looked right at Dustin.

The kids got a real kick out of suiting Dad up with garbage bags and duct tape, and down into the Pit of Despair he went, armed with a reciprocating saw and a 12-inch blade. Ethan helped the whole time, raising and lowering a bucket as Dustin filled it with root balls. Talk about heroic!

Shown: Dustin built the master bath in space annexed from the original kitchen and finished it with beadboard and a DIY vanity.

Faucet: Glacier Bay Lyndhurst Series
Mirror: The Shabby House, Boise, ID; 208-853-1005
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