reader remodel contest winner 2013 whole house after space with piano for performances
Photo: Lisa Romerein
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Big Family Adventure

Luckily, the kids saw it as a big adventure—and it was! Picture the first floor with beat-up vinyl tile and gross carpeting, back stairs with a distinctly non-horizontal feel, and an upstairs bedroom, bath, and kitchenette; and imagine trying to turn all that into a home. The place looked so empty and worn, it was hard to imagine it full of life. But at one end of the rec room sat a stage, just big enough for our piano and a few singers. Our family loves music, and the thought of having people perform here kept us going.

Shown: Ethan and Dustin prepare for their next musical performance against a backdrop of vintage ceiling tiles. The family regularly hosts community concerts.

Ceiling tiles behind piano: The Shabby House, Boise, ID; 208-853-1005
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