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Photo: Lisa Romerein
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Historic Fixture Saved

The plaque said the place was established as a church and a school in 1912. Later, classrooms and living quarters for a teacher were added and the original chapel divided up to create a rec room. In the 1990s a day-care center moved in, but by the time we saw the place, it had been empty—mice aside—for months. The agent told us it was three weeks away from foreclosure. That meant one of Eagle's favorite landmarks, a nearly century-old building on the National Register of Historic Places, would sit and rot.

Shown: Homeowners Stephanie and Dustin Simpson, with the help of twins Ethan and Ellie, 12, pumped life into a barren schoolhouse and furnished it with salvaged finds, including the kitchen cabinets, appliances, and schoolhouse lights.

Butcher-block countertops: IKEA
Granite countertop: Stone Surfaces, Eagle, ID; 208-938-0037
Pendant over sink: Barn Light Electric
Floor stain: Minwax
Barstools: Graples Home Decor Outlet, Nampa, ID; 208-467-2963
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