reader remodel contest winner 2013 whole house exterior
Photo: Lisa Romerein

After: Local Landmark Revived

We first came to Idaho to visit my brother and liked it so much, we spent the entire 14-hour drive home trying to figure out how to move there too. Our twins, Ethan and Ellie, were 3 years old, and the little town of Eagle seemed like the perfect place not only to raise a family but also to feel like part of a community. As my husband, Dustin, and I talked, we realized that if we sold our place in San Diego, we might be able to build a house in Eagle from scratch. We were lucky enough to be able to do that, and everything was going along smoothly until the recession hit and we lost everything, including our new dream house. That was three years ago.

Shown: The family's retriever, Buddy, is a fixture out front, as is a historical plaque that dates the two-story addition on the right of the bell tower to sometime around 1930.
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