Kids' Basement Built-in Playhouse: After

Who: Kevin D.
Where: North Potomac, MD

We transformed the bare wall into a facade for a small cottage. The walls/roof are covered with cedar shingles. The windows were made with wood and acrylic, and the door is cut from a plain slab. I cut the door to size and added a mail slot and the hardware, which consists of a working storm-door latch and mechanical crank doorbell. The grille in the door is a small piece of what was once one of my home's window grilles. How's that for repurposing? The interior work took the longest, with engineered-wood flooring, beadboard walls and ceiling, new kid-safe electrical work; and there's a small bookshelf and cabinet built-in under the lower portion of the stairs. I added a transom barn window so we can spy from inside the laundry room.

Who did the work: I did all the work myself.
Cost: $500-$1,000

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