Restoring an Historic Victorian: After

Who: Steve and Joann P.
Where: Wichita, KS

We had to completely tear down and reconstruct three exterior porches, the exterior balcony, and all fretwork and trim. Then we rebuilt soffits for the entire house. We removed and rebuilt the stairs, porch decks, porch railings, and window trims. We also painted. Deciding to redesign the porch railings was the most difficult part. The old railings looked like Alfred Hitchcock silhouettes. We couldn't find documentation that they were original, but they all needed replacement. We went with a design that is still period, but much more pleasing to the eye, in our opinion. Getting to use and sit on the porches is what we like best!

Who did the work: We did some of the work ourselves but a contractor did most of it.
Cost: $25,000–$50,000

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