A Lot of Work and a Big Vision: After

Who: Ron S.
Where: Cohutta, GA

We gutted the entire house and lifted the entire two-story, 3000-square-foot house off the foundation to replace the main support seals and beams. During the process, I fell off the ladder in the basement and broke three ribs and a finger. We saved a lot of money by doing most of the work ourselves. We also had some great people from our church and family that were always willing to help out and give lots of encouragement. The porches are, without a doubt, the best. We have rocking chairs on the front porch along with ceiling fans that stir the air in the summer months. It's a great place in the spring and summer to relax, eat a meal, or read a book.

Who did the work: We did most of the work ourselves.
Cost: $25,000–$50,000

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