A Lot of Work and a Big Vision: Before

Who: Ron S.
Where: Cohutta, GA

This is a great home with a long and storied history in our small Southern town. It was built about 100 years ago by the first and only doctor to live in our town. The doctor had two daughters who gave piano lessons to many of the young ladies. Piano recitals in the home were a regular event in the large front rooms, which many of the older citizens remember. The doctor also used the house for his office. When the doctor passed away in the early 1970s, the house was abandoned and rapidly fell into disrepair. There was also a fire that damaged the back part of the house, and as a result, the original kitchen area collapsed into the basement. We purchased what was left of the house in 2004. Even though the house was a wreck and most people thought it should be torn down because it was an eyesore in the town, we thought it had lots and lots of potential.
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