Removing Vinyl Siding: After

Who: Melissa and Jon C.
Where: Cranston, RI

We removed all the vinyl siding, reinstalled some missing trim details, added some recycled shutters and a wood storm door, and painted. The original siding is not in perfect condition, but it looks a lot better than the white vinyl. We added a white picket fence, a brick walk, built some flower boxes, and improved the landscaping. We saved money with DIY and using recycled materials. It was a lot of manual labor, way up on ladders, which was difficult. Also, one of the hardest aspects of this project was answering the neighbors who thought we were crazy for removing the "maintenance-free" vinyl siding. The house used to look like just another white vinyl box but now it has character and curb appeal.

Who did the work: We did all the work ourselves
Cost: $1,000–$5,000

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