Polishing a Diamond in the Rough: After

Who: Jarod E.
Where: Land O Lakes, FL

The part we like the best is that we were able to locate a diamond in the rough and polish it. On the exterior, we replaced existing asphalt shingle roof with a metal Galvalume roof and replaced all wood dormers with new fiber-cement boards. We repaired framing, added gutters and downspouts, and built a new well shed. We replaced the rotten rear windows with new French doors, the original pane-glass windows where required, and the front door. We pressure-washed the entire home and the fence and rebuilt the fence and gates. We repainted the house and planted bushes. We also installed the rear wood deck (14 by 20 feet), plus a swing and a small boardwalk. We relocated and added greenery and repaired the mailbox.

Who did the work: We did some of the work ourselves but a contractor did most of it.
Cost: $25,000 to $50,000

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