Dream of Restoring a Victorian: After

Who: Frank and Pat D.
Where: Port Townsend, WA

Pat fulfilled her childhood dream of restoring and living in a Victorian-era home. For years, she would drive by derelict old homes falling into disrepair, only to see them demolished on the next drive-by. The best part is having the space to gather our large extended family and having a wonderful house for entertaining. Sitting on the front porch in the summer, people wander by and stop to chat, many of them visitors from far and wide to our Victorian seaport. The house has been on local home tours several times, and visitors who knew it prior to our work can't believe the transformation. Their compliments only add to the satisfaction we have of restoring a local icon that is one of the first seen on entrance to town.

Who did the work: We did some of the work ourselves but a contractor did most of it.
Cost: More than $100,000

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