Providing Attention to Home's Exterior: After

Who: Carolyn R.
Where: Des Moines, IA

We saved money by doing as much of the tree and brush removal as we could, doing all the scraping and painting on the house, and doing most of the decorative plantings. We got married during this project (in May 2008), and saved money by not taking a honeymoon. We needed to stay home and "babysit" the fresh sod! We also removed the railings, concrete cap, and rebar from the raised 1960s patio adjacent to the front porch. We used sledgehammers until a neighbor took pity on us and loaned us an electric jackhammer. At that point, we called in professionals to take out the rest. We have been fortunate to connect with descendants of the home's first and second owners, and we have them over to see our progress. It has been wonderful to share stories and learn more about the history of the house.

Who did the work: We did some of the work ourselves but a contractor did most of it.
Cost: $25,000–$50,000

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