Accentuating the Architecture: Before

Who: Carl M.
Where: Atlanta, GA

This poor home was wonderful inside, yet had many exterior issues including horrific paint colors, an old ratty awning, unnecessary small column supports, and more. The yard also was so overgrown we couldn't find the house at times. It needed to be happy again. My partner, Rob S., and I removed the awnings and small column supports on the porch. We repainted the exterior and added shutters on the second floor. We custom-built fencing around the yard in front of the property. On the porch, we added new column tops as well as new and additional lighting. We also stripped the original 1905 mahogany front door of decade's worth of old stain and dirt and refinished it to a new glowing patina. Rob and I also removed and pruned overgrown shrubs and trees that were hiding not only the yard but also the home itself. Many people did not know the home was there.
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