Winner: Restoring an Old Gem to Former Glory: Before

Who: Jim W.
Where: Lake Mills, WI

The exterior of this house was in bad shape. I removed vinyl siding, repaired rotted wood, and stripped all old paint from the clapboard, windows, and front columns. All nails were countersunk and puttied. Missing wood and trim were replaced to match original. Clapboard and trim were sanded, primed, and painted. The front porch was totally dismantled and rebuilt using as much of the original material that I was able to save. Columns and base columns that were rotted and damaged were rebuilt with a wood epoxy, sanded, primed, and painted. New footings had to be poured for the columns—the old columns rested on a single boulder that had settled 6 inches. The front porch was jacked up and I made new bases for the columns and also made the railings myself and installed the new spindles.
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