yard with outdoor rooms, front yard with shrubs, perennials, hydrangea, threadleaf bluestar
Photo: Rob Cardillo
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Winding Welcome

The front yard has an inviting cottage look, with sun-loving perennials, like threadleaf bluestar, giant coneflower, and 'Skyracer' moor grass, and several shrubs, including burgundy-leaved 'Summer Wine' ninebark and winter-blooming 'Jelena' witch hazel. Vines, including 'Fenway Park' Boston ivy and 'Moonlight' Japanese hydrangea, soften the walls of the two-story house.

Shown: The front yard features an exuberant mix of shrubs and perennials, including 'Limelight' hydrangea and fine-textured threadleaf bluestar
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